Sunday, September 20, 2009

Palmer Leads by Ten

Chuck Palmer leads the Hudson Valley EUREKA (Extreme Unicycle Riders Experiencing Killer Art) event. Palmer is up by ten minutes and two paintings over Louis Anton and James Gurney.

Gurney produced this painting before his setbacks at the Mud Wallow and Boulder Hill on Day 13. He has also been struggling to shake the allegations of performance-enhancing paint mediums, and has been docked points for bad perspective. His comeback bid after his third retirement seems to be in doubt.


  1. Incredible :). I need to start training and find a race to tackle! Can you recommend a good training schedule?

  2. Well, Chuck Palmer had best keep checking back over his shoulder, because (setbacks, PREPOSTEROUS allegations, and docked points notwithstanding) Mr. Gurney will forever remain a FIERCE COMPETITOR in this sport and a POWER to be reckoned with, until his next retirement.
    Roll On, Paint On, and Go Gurney Go!

  3. I can barely ride a bike let alone a unicycle and paint. Absolutely incredible!

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